Test Your Network Security

Check your network's ability to prevent an advanced malware attack and stay one step ahead of the next breach. Check for yourself.

Please contact us at 1.800.333.0498 or salesinfo@britecomputers.com for any additional support with the malware test process

Prevention beats Detection

Test in 4 steps

Request a test

Simply type in your corporate email address to request a test. We'll send you a verification email. Once verified, the test will begin!

Test Email Sent!

We'll send you an email with a specially crafted benign word document which uses suspicious behaviors that are common with many of today's most sophisticated malware attacks. (Similar to the eicar test file used for testing AV solutions)

Open the email attachment

Open up the Word document attachment. If you are able to successfully receive the document, this means your current network security is insufficient and vulnerable to an advanced malware attack.

Schedule a meeting

Our team of security experts, can provide a complimentary analysis of your network security, schedule an assessment today!